09 September 2012: The Beau Mont Farm Weather Station is now operational.

The system sustained physical damage over the weekend of 14 July 2012 & after working with Davis Instruments for the past 2 months, we now have an operational system, complete with a new UPS/surge unit & new software.




The Beau Mont Farm Weather Station is located on Beau Mont Farm Road at 78.4958496 long 38.0565224 lat. in the northern part of Albemarle County, Virginia, USA.  The station is part of the Citizens Weather Observation Program (CWOP), operating under the ID of KVACHARL9.  The CWOP network provides data to local, state and national weather organizations, local television stations, and a variety of governmental agencies (such as NASA, NOAA, DOD, etc.).  In addition, the data are in the public domain, so they may be freely used by individuals and businesses alike.

The Weather Station uploads its data, via internet, every 5 minutes.  As you can well imagine, the system generates an abundance of individual data points over the course of a year.

Software is available for real-time weather monitoring as well as for accessing the CWOP database.  You may find links to these applications on the Weather Software page.  Enjoy!



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